Network for Transport Measures

Working group Travel

The working group Travel was founded to establish a harmonised view on information and data on the environmental impact of passenger transportation. The need for this view developed because many different calculation methods and descriptions of the transport system are used in reports, marketing, analyses, offers and other contexts. This has led to disadvantages for the transport industry in form of unnecessary discussions and lost credibility towards customers and the environment. The working group Travel has established a common platform for data for calculations of transports’ environmental impact by:

  • collecting information on the environmental effects caused by passenger transportation so that relevant parameters kan be differentiated and analysed further
  • stock-taking of existing data and methods to describe emissons and energy use
  • establishing a common compilation of data and methods
  • continuously looking for new data and updating the material on emissions and energy use for passenger transportation

The data presented by the working group are not the result of any research or analysis that was initiated by NTM. The results can be seen as a compilation of the latest information available on the subject. Its value lies in the fact that it is processed, accepted by different industry representatives and continuously developed and improved.

Responsible for the working group Travel: