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The rationale for Labs projects is to explore new areas presently not available in the NTMCalc or to develop test applications linked to NTMCalc that can add value to end users. The present on-going conceptual development projects within NTM are:

Impacts on fuel producers and customers of conflicting ruels for LCA

Fuel producers are increasingly affected by conflicting rules for life cycle assessment (LCA). The EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED), the EU framework for Product Environmental Footprints (PEF), and the frameworks of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) all have different requirements on the calculations. In this project we apply the three frameworks in case studies on selected real fuels. We estimate the additional work required for applying multiple frameworks, discuss how it can be reduced, and analyze the extent to which they generate conflicting conclusions. Several producers are actively involved in the project, and results will be disseminated to authorities and other actors. This generates awareness on the requirements and implications of the different frameworks, makes their application more efficient, and prepares the Swedish sector for active participation in the future development of the frameworks and other international harmonization of the LCA methodology.

Project duration

Start: June 15, 2020

End: December 31, 2021

Case studies on how to increase the load factor


Environmental analysis of electrified freight transport

The project aims to clarify environmental, climate and energy aspects in an expected electrification of large parts of transport and logistics systems. In some segments, increased electrification will not significantly affect conditions, while in other parts it will probably revolutionize technical solutions, planning, production, organizational conditions and last but not least prevailing business models and economics. The project’s goal is to start from a broad approach to a functional and understanding of the applicability of existing and future electricity-based solutions to then zoom in on environmental, climate and energy aspects in electrified processes linked to freight transport.

Project duration

Start: August 1, 2020

End: October 31, 2022

Decision tool –emission calculations for intermodal short sea

The project is carried out as collaboration between Maritime Forum, Short Sea Promotion centre and NTM. The project is funded by the Swedish Transport Administration.

Project duration

Start: April 1, 2020

End: May 31, 2021


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