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5.4 Regulated engine emissions – background and data sources

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5.4 Regulated engine emissions - background and data sources
<p>Regulated emissions (i.e. NO<sub>x</sub>, HC, PM (particles) and CO) are difficult to calculate since the formation of these substances are related to the combustion process inside the engine. There are a number of ways to estimate these emissions, e.g. use typical emission data presented by vehicle manufacturers, usually derived from certification tests</p> <ul> <li>use data generated by on-board diagnosis equipment available (as option) in newer vehicles</li> <li>use information from laboratory tests of engines and vehicles, available from literature (e.g. research projects and open tests)</li> <li>use maximum emission values as defined by legal requirements<a href="#_ftn1" name="_ftnref1"><strong><strong>[1]</strong></strong></a>.NTM presents emission data for the following diesel engine ‘generations’: Pre Euro/Euro ’0’, Euro I, Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV and Euro V. The table below shows EU emission standards for heavy duty diesel vehicles Euro I - VI:</li> </ul> <p><a href=""><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1002" src="" alt="Euroclass legislation" width="776" height="324" /></a></p> <p><em>EU emission standards for heavy duty diesel engines (</em></p> <p>One of the aims with the NTM method is to encourage the user to substitute the presented default data with situation-specific operational data. Since fuel consumption is one key operational data often available, the NTM emission calculation is based on vehicle fuel consumption. On-line measurement/calculation data on emissions are only available from the most advanced trucks, while fuel consumption data is readily extracted or measured from most trucks in operation.</p> <p>All emission factors and fuel consumptions for road vehicles are taken from the European road emission model HBEFA 3.1<a href="#_ftn1" name="_ftnref1">[2]</a> where Euro 5 and 6 and onwards will be taken from 3.2.</p> <p>The emission factors and fuel consumptions are in HBEFA presented as grams pollutant per vehicle kilometre and grams fuel per vehicle kilometre.</p> <p>To obtain fuel consumptions in grams per liter, the fuel consumptions from HBEFA were divided with the fuels density (Europe diesel, 0,830 kg/l). The emission factors from ARTEMIS were then divided with the volumetric fuel consumption to obtain grams pollutant per liter fuel burnt for each vehicle type and engine/fuel combination.</p> <p><a href="#_ftnref1" name="_ftn1">[1]</a> Information regarding emission legislation and engine test procedures can be found on <em><a href=""></a></em> see standards/Europe.</p> <p><a href="#_ftnref1" name="_ftn1">[2]</a>The Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport - <a href=""></a></p>

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