Network for Transport Measures

15.2.2 HVO Data

NTM is presently developing new data on HVO fuels from the present feedstocks used. The data includes air pollutants, climate gases and use of energy. Data is presented well to tank, tank to wheel and well to wheel. The result is based on the actual use of various feed stock for HVO 100 in Sweden 2016, see table below. We will continue to develop the data in order to present a more complete set of data.

When used in a 12-14 ton truck with a Euro 5 engine the result in comparison to fossil Mk1 diesel were as described below. The CO2e wtw savings were 70%. A key parameter on the outcome of the assessments is how allocation from different feedstocks is carried out. In this example the allocation is aligned with recommendation in the Renewable Fuel Directive.