Network for Transport Measures

15.2 Fuels

Energy use, GHG emission and air pollutants emissions from fuels production (well-to-tank) shall by order of preference be:

  • The value specified by the fuel supplier according to European Commission Directive 2009/30/EC and any amendments to this directive.
  • Other value provided that:
  • – The declaration is completed with this value, the corresponding source, and justification for its use;
  • – The value selected includes all operational processes according to the definition of this paper
  • – If bio fuel is used, the methodology is consistent with Directive 2009/30/EC and any amendments to this directive.
  • There are corresponding default values in NTMCalc established on the basis of on NTM web page, see 15.2.1 below.

Note 1. For bio mass based fuels the various indirect well-to tank aspects such as”indirect land use change” (ILUC) is presently not included if this is incorporated in the renewable energy directive.

  • Note 2. Traceability of specific fuels and its production is essential and will be part of further development of NTM fuel data.