Network for Transport Measures

15.3 Electricity

Energy use, GHG emission and air pollutants emissions from electricity production ( well-to-tank) shall by order of preference be:

  • Value specified by the electricity supplier for the production-certified electricity bought
  • Value for the electricity bought, specified by the electricity supplier for its production in the relevant electricity grid within which the transport operation is performed.
  • As a last resort, average value for electricity supplied to consumers in the relevant average electricity grid within which the transport operation is performed.
  • There are corresponding default values established on the basis of on NTM web page:
  • NTMCalc 3.0 default data (In continuous progress)

Note 1. All data from external sources (electricity suppliers etc) shall correspond with the system boundaries described in this document and/or with the EN 16258 standard to be in accordance with the NTM scope.

Note 2. In order to avoid double counting, production certified electricity sold should be excluded in remaining average mix of electricity sold by the electricity supplier.

Note 3. The relevant electricity grid can be either the national grid, or one of several unconnected grids within the country, or the grid shared by several countries. The identification of the relevant electricity grids (over Europe at least) should be specified by the relevant entity.

Note 4. NTM supports environmental impact assessment of carried out transport services, but not assessment of future changes in whole transport systems. Hence the NTM environmental impact assessment  includes only existing relevant average production as described in the above list of preference.


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