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NTM TN 5; 20200505 FAME WTT data

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NTM TN 5; 20200505 FAME WTT data

 According to the Swedish Energy Agency FAME used in Sweden for 2018 were almost exclusively produced from rapeseed. Therefore, only rapeseed is used in the calculations for emissions from FAME in NTMCalc.

The majority of rapeseed used for RME is imported and for these reason data on emission factors are based on a European average mix (Sphera). A small share (less than 10%) is based on Swedish raw materials.  The emission factors for Swedish RME are based on Hallberg (2013) but has been partly adjusted to include distribution of fuel. Allocation of emissions during RME production is based on energy content in order to align with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED).

The calculation considers the processes of rapeseed production, rape oil mill operation and RME production as well as transportation between these processes. The emissions for infrastructure at the production facility and in distribution of biogas is assessed to be neglectable (<1% of total emissions).



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