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NTM TN 1 20141110 Aircraft data

Methods and manuals > 16. Technical Notations > Wikis > NTM TN 1 20141110 Aircraft data
Methods and manuals > 16. Technical Notations > Wikis > NTM TN 1 20141110 Aircraft data

Adjustment of aircraft data summary

NTM have adjusted data for three belly aircrafts and one pax aircraft:
– B737-700 belly
– B737-700 pax
– B787-8 belly
– A330-300x belly


In order to better correlate to reality in NTMCalc three belly and one passenger (pax) aircraft configurations for combined passenger and cargo transport and pure passenger transport have been amended in NTMCalc. The changes are minor and considered to have a small impact on results.

This update contains emission data for three additional “belly” aircraft (where lower deck freight capacity is used for revenue service), and corrected data for one passenger aircraft (error detected while treating the corresponding “belly” variant). The data are in the form of coefficients to linear equations, where X is the constant term and Y is the slope coefficient to be multiplied by the proper distance in km. The X values nowadays EXCLUDE the effect of extra 100 km due to procedures at the departure and arrival airports, which means that these procedure effects have to be added externally. The computations are based on an FileMaker implementation: Hurdy-Gurdy Grinder XY of date 25 Feb 2008. The three belly aircraft to be computed has been requested by DHL. The data preparation is based on the idea of retaining the passenger capacity of the corresponding passenger versions and letting the rest to the structural load capacity of the wing be used as maximum revenue cargo load. Increased load of course leads to decreased range. During the treatment for the B737-700, it became obvious that the range capacity was too low.
This led to a re-computation of X- and Y-coefficients for this passenger aircraft. Thus the old “B737-700” data is replaced with the new “B737-700x”. Also, the latter data is the basis for the belly adjustment, “B737-700x belly”. The data for the belly aircraft should be regarded as preliminary, as our data are still based on FOI estimations of passenger and cargo capacities. It is up to NTM to supply more “proper” values (they vary among operators!).

The computations and the preparation of this Excel sheet has been performed by Anders Hasselrot, FOI, 9 Sept 2014.