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10.3 Engine emission standards

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10.3 Engine emission standards
<p>The emission standard of the vehicle, as defined by European Union directives. It regulates the limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in EU member states.</p> <h2><strong>Euro 1 standards (1993)</strong></h2> <p>Directives 91/441/EEC (passenger cars only) or 93/59/EEC (passenger cars and light trucks).</p> <h2><strong>Euro 2 standards (1996)</strong></h2> <p>Directives 94/12/EC or 96/69/EC.</p> <h2><strong>Euro 3 standards (2000)</strong></h2> <p>Directive 98/69/EC.</p> <h2><strong>Euro 4 standards (2005)</strong></h2> <p>Directive 98/69/EC, further amendments in 2002/80/EC. Weighted average of Euro 4 vehicles with either SCR or EGR NOx reduction.</p> <h2><strong>Euro 5 standards (2009)</strong></h2> <p>Regulation 715/2007/EC. Weighted average of Euro 5 vehicles with either SCR or EGR NOx reduction</p>

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