Network for Transport Measures

10.1 Calculation models

Passenger transport

Transport of people. It is assumed that passenger transports are undertaken in a shared transport system where the capacity of a vehicle (or set of vehicles) can be shared between multiple passengers or groups. A passenger (or group) is therefore only allocated the part of the emissions that emanates from its share. The allocation formula is: Allocation_factor = Number_of_passengers/Passenger_occupancy The gross emissions of the vehicle are multiplied by the allocation factor to calculate the share of the passenger (or group).

Passenger transport (passenger-kilometres)

Passenger transport, allocation and size determined by transport effort in passenger-kilometres. See “Passenger transport” for details about allocation principles.


Vehicle operation (distance)

Calculation of gross emissions generated when running/operating the vehicle a specified distance. No shipment is specified and no allocation is done; the system will ask for the cargo load factor but this is use for emissions calculation only (the larger the factor, the larger the emissions)