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Categorization of improvement areas

In order to identify, classify and evaluate various improvement initiatives taken within transport we use the below presented hierarchic model (also used to specify relevant system boundary).


The rationale for this model is that provided transport service on top level impacts the societal planning and development regarding possible options for location of living, industry, recreation etc., The fact is also that societal planning and development impacts requires transport services. Overall the model includes a number of interrelations.


In our assessment, at present we have excluded infrastructural and societal planning measures even though they may well be the initiatives with the highest potential. One aspect is that these changes need longer time to have an impact. Overall it should be mentioned that this is a dynamic area within NTM that will be developed on a continuously basis. Based on the above hierarchy we have categorized nine relevant improvement areas as described in figure below.


Categorization of improvement work within transport

It should be emphasized that that the model is not fully consistent between the different areas. The common approach is to include several aspects in the improvement activities. Below are some examples mentioned in this model. We will further elaborate on this area.

Examples on areas that may improve transport environmental performance