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The Network for Transport Measures, NTM supports the overall aim of sustainable transport. Through measuring emissions and energy use we encourage hands-on improvements. Within our “Trailblazers” program we aim to encurage progress by sharing state-of the-art measures that can  inspire others. A real, and much needed change towards sustainable transport require bold trailblazers. Here we want to put them in the lime light. Some of these actions may not lead to expected effects, and some may even take us in the wrong direction. Still they are all needed in order for us to collectively move forward towards sustainable transport.

Look into our case studies, get inspired, copy them as they are, or develop them into even better solutions. Finally, please let us share your measures through our “Trailblazers” program.

Our present “Trailblazers” includes measures on transport demand management, increase of efficiency and use of new techniques in a systematic long term approach:

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