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These baselines are based on data available in NTMCalc 4.0, literature reviews and expert interviews. The settings aim to reflect on general road transport. In general we recommend use of real data if available at sufficient quality. NTM default data are conservatively assessed and should if used thereby not enable low emission calculations. Furthermore they should promote transport suppliers to present their real data in relation to NTM default data, hence being used in the transport service procurement process.


Road transport settings

These data is based on similar setting as for EU adjusted for other fuel quality, different emission standards, specific road conditions, cargo loads, speed and topography.

Clarifications and abbreviations

* Traffic data

Performance in relation to vehicle operation expressed as emissions or energy use per vehicle * km. Useful if transport service is carried out by a dedicated truck.

** Transport data

Performance in relation to vehicle operation expressed as emissions or energy use per ton * km. Useful if transport operation is carried out as a shared truck service. Default load factor [%-weight] includes empty positioning of truck.

Type of vehicle

Describes type and their gross weight

Load factor weight

Refers to actual pay weight

Default data

Based on general settings within NTMCalc 4.0.


Use of energy, including fuel production/ distribution and the combustion (wtw).


Emissions of carbon dioxide equivalents including fuel production, distribution and the combustion (wtw).

Road type

Describing the type of road and corresponding traffic situation for the trucks.

Engine emission standard

Describing the emission standard of the vehicle used for these default values we have used US 2010 similar to (Euro VI).

Fuels quality

Describing the diesel quality and ratio of biomass blend. According to statistics from US EIA federal sales of biodiesel was 3.8% 2019. Our assumption is that HDV uses a high fraction of this biodiesel since certification of HDV allows up to 20% drop-in of biodiesel. Hence our average assuption is 7% biodiesel.

Road gradient

Describe road topography as this has an influence on fuel consumption


NTMCalc 4.0;

Handbook for emission factors