Network for Transport Measures


Update of electric data

In NTM there are new updated GHG emissions for electric mixes from 38 countries whereof all 27 EU-countries are included and in addition GHG emissions for an average EU 27 mix. See data.

Please note that these data are only available for logged in NTM members i.e.  a part of membership value (you receive the message 404 if not logged in). Please join for access and contribute to our commonly beneficial development.

In addition, there is an electric mix corresponding to Swedish railway supply based on hydropower, photovoltaic and wind power in NTMCalc. The national production mixes are based on IEA statistics 2019. Emission data are based on life cycle data in Thinkstep 2018.

The new data will shortly be available in NTMCalc. Read more in the corresponding Technical Notation.