Network for Transport Measures


Two new board members in NTM

At the annual member meeting two new board members were elected. They both focus much on sustainable transport in their profession and they will certainly add competence to NTM. The new board members are:

Maria Huge-Brodin, Professor of Environmental Logistics Management at the Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University – Institute of Technology. Maria describes here relation to NTM:

  • NTM supports my daily work, particulary in research and education. Our students use NTMCalc in their classes and thesis’s which helps them to understand the environmental consequences of different logistics solutions. In research we use NTMCalc to estimate the effects of different suggested measures in projects.
  • I am looking forward to work in the board and to contribute to the anchoring of NTM in the academic world and thereby contribute to future development from this perspective. The international dimension is in this context increasingly important as companies request standardized and comparable ways of measuring environmental effects in logistics.

Marias spare time involves travelling and preparing good food. Maria reflects on her hobbies:

– Two activities where transport have a huge impact where private dinners often lead towards almost work-like discussions which inspires!

Staffan Johannesson at Volvo Cars is responsible for sustainability issues  within Supply Chain Management. Staffan describes his relation to NTM:

  • My main professional focus is to reduce the climate impact from our transport activities. The pillar for analysis and external reporting is to understand where from emissions derive. In this work, NTM has been important with regard to methods and we use the NTM emission data in our estimations. In general, the CO2-reporting have developed significantly in recent years and NTM as an organization have been supportive in a good way. The coming challenge is to monitor and ensure that on-going improvement work also is reflected in credible reduction data when evaluation improvement efforts. Therefor the coming main challenge is to increase the granularity in estimations which also will translate into new requirements on NTM to develop next generation of tools and methods.

Privately Staffan lives outside Kungälv and prefer to spend his spare time in the forest by mountain biking, hunting or silviculture.

Maria and Staffan