Network for Transport Measures


The annual member meeting elected a new member and later seminar

The 23rd of April, NTM held irs annual member meeting at Postmuseum in Stockholm. The meeting granted the previos boars discharge. Un the 2019 board Tobias Rydin fraom Scania was elected a new member. Anders Berger from AB Volvo resigned after four years in the board. Anders have constructively contributed in th work through his precious insights. We also welcome to the board and the coming year. See the full board.

The following seminar elaborated on the Swedish goods transport strategy launched by the Swedish Government. The aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish industry meanwhile climatee targets are fulfilled. All through new more efficient and pioneering logistics solutions. The minister of Infrstructure has a vision of Sweden as a permanent world exhibition as a trailblazer forward. Sea all presentations.