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Presentations from the autumn meeting 2019 Climate neutral transport now available

The 2019 autumn conference was jointly organized by NTM, KNEG and the Swedish Transport Administration. The theme of the conference was what the Swedish freight transport are doing in order to accomplish the 70% reduction target by 2030. The conference venue was fully booked.

Sergio Barbarino, Research fellow at P&G and board member in ALICE, started off the conference through his engaging presentation on Physical Internet for goods transport and how we must develop logistics and transport substantially in order to reach the climate targets.

Thereafter, the Swedish Transport Administration and NTM started off a session of various case studies assessed by NTM aiming to describe the practical ongoing climate work.

This session was followed presentations by the IVA research project that illuminates how Sweden can reach the national climate targets where after H&M described their ambitious climate program. By the end of the day the Swedish Transport Administration presented latest data on actual climate emission progress in relation to targets followed by the annual Kneg-report on progress among their members.

All presentations and reports are now available. Read all