Network for Transport Measures


NTM Status and strategy report regarding methods and tools

Standardization of methods and supporting tools for assessment of emissions and energy use from transport


This paper gives a general overview of the environmental challenges that the transport system and their actors are facing and must resolve in order to provide ecologically sustainable transport solutions.

The environmental challenges will require immense development and improvement work that must be based on a solid asessment and monitoring of present situation. The methods must also provide an ability to monitor the effects of implemented improvement measures. Overall the methods must be  robust, credible and commonly accepted. They must also ensure validity and reliability of all data used.

Based on common accepted stringent methods including valid and reliable data, supportive and simplifying assessment tools can be developed. These tools will enable various actors in the transport system, without specialist knowledge, to assess their transports´s environmental performance. Methods and tools should also include the ability to monitor effects of carried out improvement measures.

Finally, this document, in brief describes  how the European Union is driving these issues towards more green transport.

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