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NTM present 2020 electricity and bio-fuels data

Within the ongoing project towards an update of NTMCalc to 5.0 significant efforts have the last year been put into development of well-to-wheel data for bio-fuels and electricity . The new data includes FAME, HVO, ED 95, LBG, CBG, LNG, CNG and average electric mixes from 14 regions. The data includes GHG, air pollutants and energy use. Prior to launching the full set of data in NTMCalc we make average GHG and energy data available.

Please note that these data are only available for logged in NTM members i.e. a part of membership value (you receive the message 404 page not found if not logged in). Please join NTM and receive access to the data and contribute to our common beneficial development.

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For more specific background to NTM fuels data: Go to Technical Notations.