Network for Transport Measures


NTM launches NTMCalc 4.0 (Press release)

At the coming annual member meeting, NTM, Network for Transport Measures launches the next generation of internet based software for calculation of transport environmental and climate impact. The software tool is built on the latest technology that enhances swift response and enables several thousand parallel users. The user interface design of NTMCalc 4.0 has also been improved which makes calculation quicker and more efficient.
– Thanks to the modern user interface where all functions, including map and routing tools are presented in one window the user receives a good overview and gets quick access to results, says Göran Löfgren, chief designer at NTM.
NTMCalc 4.0 also includes new functionalities such as:
• Local database for storage of calculations and ongoing work in the users´ computer
• More extensive reporting and printing facilities
• Through modern web technology (web service) NTMCalc 4.0 can be integrated directly with various business administrative systems, standard systems or web pages.
– We presented our first homepage with environmental data 1997, our first web based calculation tool in 1998 and now we present our fourth generation of calculation tool that opens completely new possibilities meanwhile it is both quicker and more stable, concludes Magnus Swahn, Director of NTM.
To hear more about how negative environmental impact from transport can be reduced with measuring support from NTMCalc and a number of other interesting activities, register to our seminar “Renewal of the transport industry” the 16th of April in Gothenburg.