Network for Transport Measures


NTM on digitalization potentials at Sustainable transport

NTM took active part in the IVL conference sustainable transport. NTM had a stand and organized a session on future possibilities with digitalization as a mean for reducing environmental impact from transport. Participants were Per-Olof Arnäs from Chalmers and Tomas Dalman from Electrolux. P-O Arnäs stated that we are in the middle of a digital revolution sthat will over throw much of our present ways of operating out transport and logistics. In order to balance the statement Per-Olof quoted William Gibson from 2003 stating “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”. Thereafter Tomas Dalman from Electrolux described how they have been able to integrate the follow up of climate impact from transport in their general business administrative systems. Thereby Electrolux is able to focus more on the improvement work.

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