Network for Transport Measures


NTM Annual member meeting April 19 – Save the date

Do not miss our coming annual member meeting at Sjöfartshuset in Stockholm. Apart from formalities, the meeting will dwell into a number of exciting topics and progresses. Our ambition is, through an external lecturer describe our times great challenge to transform the society, including transport to become climate neutral and based on renewable energy supply. Thereafter , in a more practical way describe the many activities where NTM takes part in order to support practical progress in the required development.

We will for …

… NTMCalc describe the coming ISO 14 083-standard and present the rationale and data for our new fuels. We will moreover describe the framework and model supporting verification, validation and evaluation of climate emissions assessments.

… NTMEcap describe present and coming process for general emission data.

… NTMLabs describe progress within the projects ”Climate sensible decision support tool for freight transport” and the result in the project “Environmental effects from electrified goods transport”.

… NTMDelta describe the progress of the project Tryffel (related participation) within the area of transport efficiency.

To conclude the seminar, we look into the future regarding expected propulsion solutions for all modes of traffic.