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NTM and Triple F establish a knowledge centre on electrified traffic

Within the framework of fossil free goods transport, NTM has received financial support to establish a knowledge centre on electrified traffic together with Triple F ( Triple F is a Swedish joint program to support progress towards the target of fossil free  goods transport by 2045.

A key element of fossil free goods transport is electrification of the transport industry. This will increase the number of actors in need to better understand the environmental effects of electrified propulsion systems. The project aims to support the industry with methodologies and data enabling comparisons of of various electrified transport chains life cycle performance. Various electric energy supply chains as well as vehicle and vessel solutions will be included.

Production systems, transmission and storage of electric energy involves several different solutions, hence there are uncertainty how to calculate and communicate a reasonable and fair environmental impact. Apart from technical issues like different power supply systems, there are different market mechanisms as emission allowances, electric certificates, taxes. In combination with several grid operators their operational control and regulations will determine the quality of distributed electricity.

Moreover, there is complexity regarding life cycle data for different electric drive lines. New battery technologies, motor types and charging infrastructure are all components where technical development require a continuous development and update of environmental data. Experiences from ongoing early introduction of electric cars, bicycles and scooters proves uncertainty on their  environmental benefits. To a certain degree this relates to lack of a common industry standard applicable for electric concepts and systems

The project aims is to assess and maintain easy accessible guidelines and environmental data, where some data also will be embedded in NTMCalc. By providing industry common data  and tools the ambition is to enable credible environmental analyses of the effect from electrification, both positive and negative where a key element is valid information and methodologies. This will support this technical shift. The program includes qualitative and quantitative data.

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