Network for Transport Measures


New member of the board

At annual member meeting the 11th of April we selected Sofia Öberg as a new member of the board replacing  much appreciated Linda Johansson from Systembolaget.

Sofia works as sustainability analyst at H&M Logistics. This role involves reporting and follow up of the emissions from the company’s logistics operation where transport is a main driver of the GHG-emissions. “We use NTM for doing our carbon calculations and see them as an important source of information and relevant data for sustainable transports. It’s not only important to understand and follow up where in the transport chain the emissions occur but also find ways to minimize these and become more efficient.”

“It’s also great to be part of the NTM network to learn about current activities going on in the transport sector, and of course the great discussions!”

Outside of work Sofia spend a lot of time by the sewing machine where she upcycle clothes, turning old stuff in to something new and wearable again.”

Welcome to the board of NTM  Sofia we are all certain you will bring a lot of insights.