Network for Transport Measures


New default data available

In order to access the new GHG emission default data go to NTMEcap. From this year NTM presents general GHG emission data for the previous year (2023) and projected GHG emission data for the coming year (2024). Data for the coming year may be adjusted at the end of the year. Additional news is that NTM in cooperation with the member nshift have developed weighted emission data for general transport services. These are publicly available here and are included in the transport administrative system that nhift offers to the market. These data are used when primary operative data is missing.

Passenger transport is under considerable development linked to NTMCalc 5.0 which will affect these data. The ambition is to include more renewable fuels for road transport and rely more on operational  inc  calculating average default data for air and sea. Freight transport may be affected in this update to a minor extent in the update to 5.0.