Network for Transport Measures


Gas fuels in NTMCalc

Through many hours of hard work, we are now able to present solid gas data for road vehicles. The first challenge was to assess credible gas fuel emission data and gas vehicle emission data. These data are furthermore influenced by new fuel production processes based on present and new feedstocks being available as well as gas engine developments. Added to these challenges are our internal challenges to align these fuels in our present calculation processes, presently designed for fluid fuels.

Therefore, we transform the gas use from kg to litre in order to include this data now. In order to support users, we have developed an additional information box, next to the fuel consumption in litre where fuel consumption is presented also in kg. We will of course move on and eventually enable the use of the common gas unit kg. Short term we made the judgement that it was more important to enable all  gas fuel and gas vehicle data than additional delays. Within a few weeks we will also present a fact datasheet, similar to our diesel document. Log in at NTMCalc and try transport by gas driven vehicles!