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Development of a pilot Internet based decision support system for intermodal transport chains

Maritime Forum ( and NTM recently received funding from the Swedish Transport Administration to develop a an Internet based decision support system regarding intermodal ShortSea transport solutions. The ambition is development of a pilot on a digital decision support system from a transport buyer perspective.

The project leader Lars Green emphasizes: ”We know that decision of transport solutions are based on a number of criteria’s where this pilot system will provide some of the needed information, but we hope that our limited test provides a glimpse of what can be accomplished I a near future. Intermodal ShortSea has substantial cargo potential hence an appropriate starting point for a pilot.”

”Through in-depth interviews with some ten transport buyers, the ambition is to assess the main criteria’s that influences the selected transport solutions. The digital pilot will however only include those criteria’s where there is available data”, continues the project leader Magnus Swahn.

In the pilot system prices and costs are purposely eliminated since open available data is not considered relevant in relation to actual commercial conditions. The project starts the first of April and ends in May 2021.

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