Network for Transport Measures


Beta-launch of module for automatic transport routing

NTM offers through NTMCalc, since a few years a service to integrate its transport related environmental assessment in various IT-based management systems for procurement, traffic and transport management etc. The integration is enabled through a web service. Our aim is now to further develop this offer through an additional module providing advanced routing services. The module enables environmental assessment even when the transport route in unknown. The system only requires a starting and ending address, weight of shipment and main traffic mode in order to calculate the route for a full transport chain.

The calculation includes intermodal routes consisting of up to five transport links, consisting of road transport for pick-up and delivery, sea and air transport for the main transport link as well as ferry connections related to road transport. Rail traffic is under development, but can be included as toad routing as an approximation. Based on starting and ending address relevant port and airport is identified if this is not provided by the using system. For each transport link the environmental and climate impact is assessed based on default settings in NTMCalc. The accuracy of this assessment can be further improved by specification of type of vehicle, type of road, fuel quality, engine emission standard etc.

The module consists of a coordinating route planner and a number of specialized sub route planning systems for each mode of traffic. This is a flexible set up that enables connection to other routing systems if needs and conditions are altered.

The development project continues until October 31 and will now concentrate on evaluation through practical applications. During this phase we will test and verify the system in some applications in our members´ business administrative systems. If you want more information and are interested in testing, please contact us for more information.