Network for Transport Measures

Annual member meeting with the theme in-setting

In-setting – a pathway towards climate transition of transport?

At present we see an increasing need for actions within transport services in order to fulfil international agreements of reduced emissions of greenhouse gases. The challenges are substantial and require innovative solutions linked to shipper´s business revolving around physical products in manufacturing and trading, i.e. transportation. A concept used by an increasing number of shippers in order to increase the share of biofuels in their transport system is in-setting. The seminar aims to describe the meaning of the concept and highlight potential business and climate risks involved. Through lecturers with insights this seminar will hopefully add a better understanding of the concept.

Venue: Sjöfartshuset, Skeppsbron 10, Stockholm

Date: 11th of April

Time: 13.00-17.00

Registration: info[a], latest day 5th of April. ”First come first served”.

Formal member meeting

13.00 Welcome

Fredrik Larsson, Chairman

13.05 Member meeting


13.30 Why is in-setting needed as a product?

This is in-setting, Göran Erselius 2050

What is the motive with a climate transition of transport through market mechanisms such as in-setting? Risks and opportunities?

Maria Gungner Energifabriken discusses with Henrik Östlund, Systembolaget

14.00 Buyers and sellers of in-setting services?

A brief presentation by some of the actors that offers and uses in-setting. i.e. struggles to accomplish a transition towards transport services with less emissions of greenhouse gases meanwhile feeling confident about its measurable and accountable effects

Per Tunell, Wallenius

David Hild, Fly Green Fund

Staffan Johannesson, Volvo Cars

14.30 Coffee

15.00 Discussion of opportunities and challenges by in-setting?

Do the various initiatives; GHG-protocol, ISO 14 083, SBTi, EU ETS, MRV, CSRD, other environmental impact work together or do they counteract each other? A common discussion.

Moderator; Magnus Swahn, NTM

15.30 Leg stretch

15.40 NTM tools and progress

Magnus Swahn, NTM

16.00 Mingle

17.00 Seminar ends