Network for Transport Measures

Types of trailblazing measures

Finally, change towards more sustainable transport and logistics solutions involves a broad variety of measures. NTM have chosen to group them into three types of activities, however often linked to each other:

  • Demand management
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Use of new clean and fossil-free techniques

Categorization of improvement work. At present we have excluded infrastructural and societal planning measures even though they may well be the initiatives with the highest potential. One aspect is that these changes need longer time to have an impact. Overall it should be mentioned that this is a dynamic area within NTM that will be developed on a continuously basis.

In the presented case studies, we aim to highlight involved actors and their rationale for the change and which type of measures were used in order to reach the positive effects achieved in the described solution. Important is also to quantify the effects since this is a quality label of the carried-out measures.

Hopefully our case studies can fulfil our ambition to present trailblazers , thus inspiring others to carry out even more bold measures.