Network for Transport Measures

Advisory Board

In April 2015 NTM held its second advisory board meeting. Participants of the group are established annually. This is based on relevant topics and related board needs to better understand for these issues. This year the external participants were developers and users of new web service based solutions. The discussions were intense and fruitful, fulfilling the aim to understand opportunities and challenges related to web service solutions. It is important that the board understands the strategic consequences of the arising new opportunities where calculations will be embedded in existing business administrative systems. Participants were:

Invited experts:

Björn Sawilla, TNT

Magnus Molin. Primelog

Tobias Hägglund, NTM developer

Participants from the board:

Eva brishammar, Kuehne+Nagel

Monica Jadsén Holm, DB, Schenker

Anders Berger, Volvo

Catherine Löfquist, Bring Express,

Ingela Melkersson, Järnvägsoperatörerna,

Jerker Sjögren, Closer

Catrin Wallinder, Trafikverket

Magnus Swahn, MD


In April 2014 NTM initiated its first advisory board meeting. Participation of this board is presently determined on an annual basis determined by topic to be discussed.  This year the participation were a combination of board members and external experts since the topic was the overall strategy of NTM. In essence the advisory board found the strategy relevant but also highlighted the importance to stay focus to activities related to the NTM aim.

Invited experts:

Marc Cottignies, Ademe in France, external expert

Nils-Olof Nylund, VTT in Finland, external expert

Lars Daegnaes, NTM Denmark

Jens Bruno, NTM working group Goods & Logistics

Helena Kyster-Hansen, NTM working group Transport procurement

Göran Löfgren, Responsible for NTMCalc

Participants from the board:

Eva brishammar, Chairman

Magnus Swahn, Moderator

Catherine löfquist, Bring express, Board member

Ingela Melkersson, Järnvägsoperatörerna, Board member

Susanna Fink, Postnord, Board member

Catrin Wallinder, Trafikverket, Board member