Network for Transport Measures


The Network for Transport Measures, NTM is a non profit organisation, initiated in 1993 aiming at establishing a common base of values on how to assess and improve the environmental performance of transport services.

NTM supports to the continuous improvement work regarding transportation services and their use of energy, emissions of green house gases and emissions of air pollutants. The work is primarily directed towards buyers and sellers of transport services but includes researchers, authorities, industry organisations and other stakeholders.

Our objective

In order to promote and develop the environmental work in the transport sector, NTM acts for a common and accepted method for calculation of emissions, use of natural resources and other external effects from goods and passenger transport. The method is primarily developed for buyers and providers of transport services hence enable to measure to evaluate the environmental impact from transport and initiating relevant improvement measures.

We offer:

  • Methodologies for assessing performance, relevant data and market leading tools for calculations of environmental impact from transport. NTM is actively developing standards such as the European standard EN 16 250 and is taking part in the on going process for global international harmonization.
  • Methods and tools for evaluation of transport suppliers regarding their transport services.
  • A forum for exchange of knowledge and experience within the fields of environmental impact from transport through seminars, webinars and meetings. NTM organize several different events and educations aiming at increasing knowledge and competence on transport and its impact on the environment.


The members of NTM have free access to all services and seminars[1]. The aim is through this support to enable buyer and sellers to carry out a systematic and successful environmental improvement programme. The tools offered are:

NTMCalc 3.0,

This is a tool that enables assessment of goods and passenger transport environmental performance regarding emissions and energy use. The tool is available in a basic (public) and an advanced (members) version. The tool includes:

  • Environmental data for all modes of traffic, for example some 100 aircrafts, international road vehicles, main types of ships and a considerable numbers of rail combinations.
  • Supporting a basic routing of transport operation
  • Calculations based on various metrics, such as one shipment, one vehicle or through total fuel consumption etc.
  • Calculations through our web interface or through web-service, i.e. estimations in the user’s own administrative system through its connection to NTMCalc.


A tool aiming at evaluation of environmental performance of transport services through general baselines on emissions and energy use today and in the future. Through this tool buyers are able to require relevant performance meanwhile the transport service provider are able to improve its operation through action best suited for them.

Best practice

This is a working name on a database presently being developed around the environmental benefits from various improvement measures. This database gives some guiding example on how to develop more sustainable transport solutions.

On going development

The operation and continuous improvement is being financed by annual membership fees and specific activity support from companies or authorities aiming to further develop specific aspects of the various tools, data or methods. The work to continuously maintain and develop the tools is primarily through consultants and our working groups, all open for member’s participation. These working groups are: Goods and logistics, Travel, Transport procurement, Fuels and an expert reference group. The present development includes:

–           NTM is actively taking part in the process of further global harmonization regarding common methodologies in the assessment of environmental impact from transport.

–          Continuous maintenance and development of the tool NTMCalc

–          Continuous maintenance and development of the tool NTME2cap

–          Continuous maintenance and development of the tool NTMBest practices

–          Methodologies and data for bio fuels and clarification on supplying energy systems system boundaries and allocation principles.

–          Data for various types of trucks in the global market including related emission standards

–          New aircrafts data in the database

–          Data for international buses

–          Data for internationella bussar

–          Improving rail calculation methodologies

–          Develop, assess and implement data for infrastructure environmental impact

–          Methodologies and data for quantification of external costs

–          Methodologies and data for transhipment activities

–          Develop a robust methodology to enable assessment of uncertainty in calculations

–          Develop model data for RoPax ships and inland water ways

–          Participation in the EU funded project Swiftly Green regarding development of green corridors

–          Participation in a Vinnova funded project on environmental impact assessment through direct use of on board devices for fuel consumption measurement


[1]The participation at our autumn conference ”Sustainable transport”, coorganized with IVL is charged but members are subsidiesed by SEK 1000.