Network for Transport Measures


Revised at the member meeting April 21, 2021 (formal statues are written in Swedish)

§ 1 Explanation

The Transport and Environment Network (NTM) shall operate independently of other organizations of companies with an interest in transport and environmental issues.

§ 2 Purpose

In order to promote and develop the transport sector’s environmental work, the Network for Transport Measures (NTM) works for a recognized method for calculating the emissions of freight and passenger transport, the use of natural resources and other external effects. The method is primarily developed for buyers and sellers of transports who will thus be able to assess the overall environmental impact of their transports.

NTM offers:

  • Calculation method and current environmental data
  • Supplier assessment tool
  • A forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of transport’s environmental impact


This is developed in consensus within the network’s working groups by NTM’s members and in collaboration with other stakeholders. The work is communicated via NTM’s website, reports, training days, member meetings and newsletters

§ 3 Membership

NTM is primarily aimed at private, state and municipal companies with an interest in issues concerning transport and the environment. The core of member companies should be transport companies. Industry organizations must also be allowed membership, however, without companies in the industry community thereby automatically receiving membership.

§ 4 Annual fee

The annual fee is decided by the annual meeting. The annual fee, consists of a membership fee and a service fee.

§ 5 Board and auditor

NTM is managed by a board consisting of a chairman and a minimum of eight and a maximum of ten members. The chairman is elected for one year at a time. Other board members are elected for two years, so that half of these are replaced each year. The Board is decisive when at least half of the number of members are present. At equal votethe chairman has the casting vote. NTM’s is signed by the chairman or by two board members in association. NTM’s accounts is audited by an external auditor.

§ 6 Organization of member meetingsIt is the duty of the chairman to at least two weeks before each member meeting and at least one month before the annual meeting send NTM’s members a notice and agenda, as well as customary documents belonging to the annual meeting. Minutes must be kept at all NTM meetings. It is the responsibility of the board to report annual fees and to keep financial accounts.

§ 7 Ballots at the annual meeting

Ballots of board members are held secret at request. In the event of an equal number of votes, the election of persons is decided by drawing lots. Other issues are decided by open ballot. In the event of an equal number of votes, the opinion assisted by the chairman at the meeting shall apply.

§ 8 Member meeting

NTM holds at least two member meetings annually, one of which is the annual meeting.

§ 9 Annual meeting

A member who wishes to have a matter admitted to the annual meeting must submit his case to the board for preparation no later than the month of January before the meeting.The annual meeting takes place during the period March – April. At the annual meeting, decisions are made in the following matters:

Selection of adjusters

2. Ask about the authorized announcement of the meeting

3. The Board’s annual report

4. The auditor’s report

5. Question about dischargeElection of board and deputy board members

7. Election of auditor and deputy auditor

8. Election of Nomination Committee

9. Establishment of budget and rules of procedure for the coming year

10. The size of the annual fee

11. Other matters

§ 10 Statutes

Proposals for amendments to NTM’s statutes are decided at two consecutive member meetings, one of which shall be an annual meeting. In order for the proposed change to be considered adopted, a decision is required at the meetings with at least 2/3 of the votes cast.

§ 11 Dissolution

Decisions on the dissolution of NTM are made by two consecutive member meetings, one of which shall be an annual meeting. In order for the decision to be valid, a decision is required at the meetings with at least 2/3 of the votes cast. NTM’s assets will then go to another environmental organizations.