Network for Transport Measures

13 Questions and 12 Answers on NTM

1. What is NTM?
The Network for Transport Measures (NTM) is a non-profit organisation who works independently of partial interests to establish methods and data which enable credible calculations of transports’ environmental, climate and energy performance. With credible and reliable methods and data, changes can be traced which are realised in different transport systems.

2. What does NTM do?

We are striving towards standardised calculation methods for transports’ total environmental performance.

We collect and develop relevant, credible and easy-to-use as well as international environmental data for all traffic modes and different fuels.

We develop support tools for the calculation of the environmental impact of goods and passenger transports.

We provide tools for the environmental evaluation of transport providers.

We constitute a forum for exchange of experience and know-how in the area of transports’ environmental impact.

We organise seminars and trainings on transports’ environmental aspects, environmental technology and environmental trends.

We try to raise the general understanding of the connection between transportation and environment.

3. Who is behind NTM?
NTM was initiated in 1993 by a variety of actors in the transport industry, above all transport providers and buyers of transport services.

4. Who is doing the work?
Our work is carried out in projects composed of  NTM’s members who decide on continuous improvements. The subsequent work is often carried out by externally contracted experts. Our progress is presented on NTM’s homepage, in reports, during education days, member meetings and in NTM’s Newsletter.

5. Which focus areas exist within NTM?

On a general basis, NTM focus on:

Development of accurate and easy to use internet-based assessment tools that enables robust calculations of air pollutants, climate gases and use of energy in transport services. This is provided through continuous development of methodologies and data on primarily vehicles, vessels, fuels and electricity, available through NTMCalc and

Procurement support including validation of GHG-emissions and energy use of transport services as general benchmarking default data of transport services. Data is available through NTMe2cap.In order to support initiatives that reduces emissions and energy use, NTM continuously publish trailblazing case studies to stimulate common learning on improvement measures. Case studies are available through NTMDelta.

Development of general and specific methodologies, seminar presentations and academic expert interviews. This is available through NTMMethodologies and general news and films on

6. Who and how can I contribute to the work?
All who represent a member company are more than welcome to take part in our work and feed in their specific needs.

7. How is NTM managed?
NTM is managed by a board consisting of a chairman and six to eight members. The chairman is elected for one year and the members for two years. The board is a quorum if more than half of the members are present.

8. What has NTM accomplished so far?
NTM develops

The calculation tool NTMCalc that simplifies transport environmental calculations. At present the version 4.0 is available, but presently the 5.0 version is under development and the plan is launch during 2021.

Development of methods that supports NTMCalc, but also supports the general industry development. NTM is active within European (EN 16 258) and international (ISO 14 083) standard development. NTM has furthermore developed ”Product Category Rules” for transport.

Relevant data for vehicle, vessels, fuels and electricity. Studies on data for traffic infrastructure have been developed in order to further extend he ability to analyse the transport system.

General Industry data for all modes of traffic to be used in more general estimations

At a minimum two member meetings where leading experts as lecturers.

Assess and share case studies on trailblazing solutions that hopefully can guide others or further develop by other organizations

Knowledge and information that is available through

Participated in EU funded projects such as Swiftly Green and GLEC

Initiates and participates in a number of development projects that are relevant for NTM and supports members and authorities.

9. Become a member?
All companies and organisations with an interest in transportation and environment can become members in NTM. Companies and organisations from the whole world who work with transport and logistics are welcome.

10. Who is a member today?
Among NTM’s approximately 150 members are transport providers, buyers of transport services, automobile manufacturers, authorities, universities and consultants.

11. What does it cost?
The membership costs between 100 and 1,000 €, depending on the company’s turnover and organisation form. For more information, please visit the respective information on

12. Is the company or the individual person member in NTM?
It is the company, which is member. Each member company chooses a contact person as representative.

13. When do you join NTM?

More questions? Please send an email to