Network for Transport Measures

About NTM

The Network for Transport Measures, NTM is a non profit organisation, initiated in 1993 aiming at establishing a common base of values on how to calculate the environmental performance for all various modes of traffic, including goods transport and passenger travel.

Our aim

In order to promote and develop the environmental work in the transport sector, the Network for Transport and Environment (NTM) acts for a common and accepted method for calculation of emissions, use of natural resources and other external effects from goods and passenger transport. The method is primarily developed for buyers and sellers of transport services, hence enabling evaluation of the environmental impact from their own transports.

NTM offers:

  • A calculation method and relevant environmental data
  • Tools for supplier evaluation
  • A forum for exchange of knowledge and experiences in the field of environmental impact from transport

This is developed in mutual understanding within the working groups of NTM by the members and in cooperation with other stakeholders. The work is communicated via the NTM homepage, reports, educations, member meetings and a newsletter.