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NTM autumn member meeting

The Network for Transport Measures celebrate 30 years!


The Network for Transport Measures, initiated in November 1993 aiming to establish a common understanding and harmonization regarding transport related emissions and energy use celebrates…

On November 16,  2023 we celebrate our 30th birthday at the test site of AB Volvo outside Gothenburg. The theme is solution and future orientation including exciting lectures and the possibility to try out future electric and gas driven trucks. Valuable mingle hopefully leading to new contacts is additional benefits. We hope to see you there!


Preliminary program

09.30 – 10.00      Coffee and sandwich in the canteen


10.00 – 10.10      Welcome by

                               NTM, Fredrik Larsson and AB Volvo, Anders Berger


10.10 – 10.30      NTMCalc, standards and effects from gas & electricity use

                              Magnus Swahn, Manager NTM


10.30 – 10.50     Supply of renewable gas

                              Sharareh Edström Gasum


10.50 – 11.10      Coffee


11.10 – 11.30       Supply of renewable electricity

                              Bo Normark, EIT InnoEnergy


11.30 – 11.50      Future truck solutions (electricity,methane and hydrogen)

                              Lars Mårtensson AB Volvo


11.50 – 12.20      Panel on future transport solutions

Panel TBD


12.20 – 13.15      Lunch mingle


12.30 – 15.00      Volvo test site (organized line, and mingle lunch)


15.00 – 15.30      Coffe and sparkling wine


Venue & travel   

In order to simplify the journey to the test site we presently look into possibilities to coordinate the journey from central Gothenburg to Volvo. We will revert with more information.


NTM members (shippers, transport service providers, researchers, authorities, academy etc) and politicians


Register through no later than November 6. The number of  participants is limited and we follow the principle of first come first served.

NTM annual member meeting 2023 – Concrete measures for climate transition

Do not miss our coming annual member meeting at Sjöfartshuset in Stockholm. Apart from formalities, the meeting will dwell into a number of exciting topics and progresses. Our ambition is to practically mirror  our times great challenge; how to transform the society, including transport operation to become climate neutral and based on renewable energy. The meeting will be held in Swedish.

Venue:                   Sjöfartshuset, Skeppsbron 10, Stockholm

Date:                     19 april

Time                      13.00-17.00

Registration:      info[a], latest the 14 april. ”First come first served”.

Formal member meeting

13.00   Welcome

Fredrik Larsson. Chairman

13.05   Member meeting

Electrification as a tool for transition towards climate neutrailty

13.30   Possibilities and threats linked to an electrified transport industry

Bo Normark, EIT Innoenergy

13.50   Environmental gains by electrified trucks

Sebastian Bäckström, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet

14.15   Coffee

14.35   ISO 14 083, the coming international standard

Magnus Swahn, NTM

14.50  Audit of shippers´ transport emissions assessment

Ted Lundström, Ovako Group

Staffan Johannesson, Volvo Cars

15.10  Short break

System support tools for measurable improvements

15.20  Tools and progress within NTM

– NTMCalc

– NTMEcap

– NTMLabs

– NTMDelta

Magnus Swahn, NTM

Reflexions on future propulsion

15.40   An interactive discussion on future propulsion systems

16.00   Mingle

17.00   End of seminar

More about the lecturers (Swedish)

NTM Autumn member meeting “Supply chain resilience and environmental sustainability”


NTM are proud and happy to announce a very exciting autumn member meeting on the 10th of  November. Our much respected key note speaker, Professor Alan McKinnon will attend and present his knowledgeable views on the topic of supply chains resilience and environmental sustainability.

The context, of course, involves  pandemic effects, disruption of transport and supply chains, the on-going conflicts in the Ukraine and potential conflicts in other regions, energy prices sky-rocketing, price inflation in general etc. Hence sustainable logistics and supply chains faces severe challenges. The questions are certainly vital for any operation and should for sure be given top priority among business and societal leaders.

Our much-respected lecturer, Professor Alan McKinnon has done work for the International Transport Forum, the World Economic Forum and World Bank on supply chain resilience and been examining its relationship to sustainability.   Given his deep knowledge about sustainable logistics, adding resilience issues will certainly mean an interesting and invaluable afternoon.

In addition, we will of course present more operational progress within NTM.

The meeting is virtual through Teams and will start at 3 pm and end at the latest by 5 pm.



Venue:  Virtual meeting in English through Teams. Links will be sent out to registered participants

Date:     November 10

Program (CET)

15.00     Welcome and Introduction by the Chairman Fredrik Larsson, NTM

15.10     Achievements and future ambitions, Operational manager Magnus Swahn, NTM

15.30     Supply chain resilience and environmental sustainability, Professor Alan McKinnon, KLU

16.15     Questions and discussions

17.00     End of meeting at the latest


Registration no later than November 4.

Voice for sustainable transport

Professor Alan McKinnon, KLU on Supply Chain Resilience and Decarbonisation

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